Our First Pandemic Thanksgiving

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday during a surging pandemic,  families  are asked  to stay home, limit gatherings to the household and find ways to celebrate without gathering in order to stay healthy.

Here are a few ideas to help  you stay safe and healthy following the State and CDC guidelines while celebrating Thanksgiving:

    1. Host a Virtual Thanksgiving with family and friends via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or Facebook Portal or  other social media platform. You  can obtain a free introductory Zoom account if you do not have one. Schedule the time of day, send the link  and enjoy seeing family and friends from a safe distance.  Share what you are most thankful for with family  and friends!
    2. Take it outside if the weather allows and your immediate family has access to a patio or balcony or outdoor  space such as a park or the beach. Just maintain social distance, wear a mask unless eating and most important, limit the gathering only  to members of your household!
    3. If you must include another household,  be sure to use single servings to avoid a “buffet” style meal. Sharing utensils is not recommended. Pick a “chef” to serve the turkey or dish up some favorite to avoid sharing serving utensils.
    4. Order your Thanksgiving meal from any number of restaurants offering take away whole Thanksgiving Dinners! Save yourself the time and trouble while enjoying your favorites . . .
    5. Set up  outdoor entertainment to keep the social distance. Watch a family  movie outdoors or set up croquet or badminton or bocce ball, games that do not involve physical contact.
    6. Decorate the house for your family  adding fall accents to enjoy, including dried flowers, gourds and other colorful decor.
    7. Rather than volunteer this year, donate money to help those less fortunate than yourself. Some virtual volunteering options include Storiitime, where seniors read to children virtually. Another local option is Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, CA, an organization Huntington Gardens proudly supports every year.

Please stay safe this Thanksgiving Holiday – follow the CDC, State and local guidelines to maintain social distance, wear a face mask when outside the home and wash your hands often with soap and water. Help keep yourself, your family, friends and neighbors healthy by following these simple guidelines.