Dinner idea for a hot summer night

NYT Chicken and Balsamic Salad with avocado and veggies makes a perfect summertime dinner.

When it’s hot outside cooking may not seem very appealing. Aside from going out to dinner what’s another option? Stop by on your way home and pick up a roasted chicken at any of the local markets. They usually run anywhere from $5-$7 each and can feed up to four people! You can eat it hot from the store or take the meat off and make a great salad, such as the one featured in the New York Times. This recipe can be modified by omitting the chicken if you are a vegetarian or vegan and adding beans or cheese (if you eat dairy) or  adding in whatever veggies are in your fridge. For a gluten free  option, substitute gluten free soy sauce in this recipe’s salad dressing. Remember to keep the chicken hot until you eat it or put it in the fridge – leaving it on the counter for over a few hours means it may not be safe to eat any longer and you’ll have to toss it out. Remember to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold at all times for safe eating! Enjoy!